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 Aerynn's Room

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PostSubject: Aerynn's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:07 pm

posted: Feb. 15, 2007-Feb. 22, 2007

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Name: Velne Navathe
Class and Level: Aristocrat 4/ Scout 6/ Sorceror 1

PostSubject: Re: Aerynn's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:15 pm

((Courently in Aerynn's Room: Garal and Aerynn.))

Garal found the room that matched the key Marets had given him. He shifted his hold on the woman to one arm and then unlocked the door. The room was simple: a bed, small table with two chairs, and a chest at the foot of the bed, a fire place against the far wall.

Garal laied the half elf down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. Then he looked at the fire place ruefually... He knew well that her kind neede heat. He threw a few logs in the fire place and then located the matches by the hearth. Quickly he lit the fire and then moved away.

He set the key on the tabel. "Rest," he said, "I'll see that you are undisturbed." Then he left the room.

Thankful for that fact, Aerynn went into a deep sleep.

((SO, LP... how long is Aerynn gonna sleep? Is she ever gonna rejoin up in the tavern? XP ))

((I'm probably going to have her wake up after a few more posts in the tavern. I'm just waiting for a good opportunity. Either that or you could have one of your characters wake her up.))

((Not my charaters... they are otherwise occupied at the moment, lol.))

((Maybe Arylan storming up the stairs, and the slamming door woke her up?))

((It is possable too that all the racket Garal made dropping all of that gear on the ground in his room woak her up.))

((Nah, when she sleeps, not even a herd of elephants can wake her up, lol. But nightmares can, so I'm just going to have a nightmare from her past wake her up.))

Aerynn was in that cage again. The cage with all the other half-elves, dressed only in rags, their sad, hungry eyes staring every which way. She hated that brought her too much sorrow.

A human approached...a very cruel human with a scraggly look on him...and took one of the half-elves...a little girl, no older than seven. She refused to cooperate. The man snorted and drew his sword. The cold iron pierced the girl's flesh. The man's eyes showed no sign of pity or was a flicker of a smile in if he enjoyed killing the poor girl, who had done nothing bad to him.

And Aerynn could do nothing but watch in horror.

One by one, all of the half-elves were carted out to be sold into slavery, out of fear that they would be killed, until Aerynn was all that remained. She refused to be put into slavery. She tried fighting out of the slave caravan, but she was hopelessly outnumbered. A dozen blades were drawn. All were trained on her.

Then, as she lost all hope and was about to accept her fate, a bright flash of light came, and all of the humans were engulfed in it. The light subsided, and there stood a half-elf with long white hair and different colored eyes. Aerynn recognized him immediately; it was her only love, Angel Macleod.

"Angel? Is" Aerynn asked, her eyes wide. Angel only nodded, a bright smile showing on his face. Aerynn ran into his arms, her eyes watering in tears.

"It's okay, Aerynn...I'm here now," Angel said soothingly. "No one's going to harm you...I swear it. Now, let's get these good people to the sanctuary." He motioned over to the other half-elves.

Aerynn nodded in agreement. But before she could say yes, the scene was surrounded in flames. Angel backed away. A dozen blades pierced his flesh. He fell to the ground, dead, the metallic stench of blood thick in the air. Aerynn was too shocked, scared, confused, and sad to scream. Her surroundings turned black, with the flames as the only source of light.

Then he appeared...the baron that ordered the massacre of her clan. An evil glow could be seen in his eyes as he smiled and hissed these words: "Kill this wretched creature. Let its dirty blood be cleansed from this world."

Soon, five swords with no wielders appeared, their blades pointing at her heart. Aerynn let out a scream as the blades lunged forward.


Aerynn let out a gasp as she awoke, tears flowing out of her eyes. She looked around and saw that she was in the same room in the tavern that she had fallen asleep in.

Then it all came back to her...the slave cages...the massacre...Angel, dead in front of her was all too much for her. She broke down crying, ignoring the aches of her body, more focused on the aches of her heart.

Garal approched Aerynn's door and knocked on it gently. "My good half elf," he said softly, "is everything all right?"

Normally, Aerynn would try to take care of herself and not talk to anybody when she was trying to overcome a problem. But now, this problem was too great; Aerynn was in need of someone to talk to.

"No, everything's...not alright," she said through her sobs. "Please...come in."
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Name: Velne Navathe
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PostSubject: Re: Aerynn's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:23 pm

Garal chuckled softly, "I've locked your door from the inside so you would not be intruded on... You will have to let me in if you want my company. The key is on the table."

Aerynn tried to get up, but her body wouldn't cooperate. So, she used some of the little energy can recover to summon a shade from one of the shadows being cast by the fire...not a big one, but big enough to carry out the task she was going to give him.

[Unlock that door] she spoke telepathically to the shade. [then you may be dismissed. The key is on the table]

The shade nodded its wavering head in acknowledgement. It then floated to the table and picked up the key, then it floated to the door and unlocked it. It then disappeared, leaving the key in the lock.

((Okay, just so you don't throw a fit at me, she can speak to shades (and ONLY to shades) telepathically, since shades have no other form of communication. This doesn't work on any other being. Just to clarify things a bit.))

((OK, that's cool.))

Garal heard the door unlock, but he didn't hear the half elf get up or move toward the door. When the door didn't open he assumed she wanted him to enter. Garal opened the door a crack and peeked in, "Is everything allright, miss? I heard you crying."

Aerynn sniffled a bit. "No...I had a nightmare again...the same one that I kept having since a week ago...a painful reminder of my past." She sobbed again, her emerald eyes glistening with tears.

((Ok, now, just fair warning... Garal is concerned about Aerynn's wellbeing... emotional and physical, but he is not being flirty... Aerynn can view hisactions however she pleases, but Garal doesn't even know what flirting is, LOL. XD So if she trys to flirt or anything like she did back downstairs he will TOTALLY NOT get it, and feel free to have Aerynn feel slighted. LOL))

Garal entered the room and crossed it. He took a chair from the table and sat himself down by the bed. He left the key in the door where it was.

"Our pasts make us who we are," Garal said softly, "there is much paine in my past as well... Do not regret your past, only try to learn from it what you can... keep the good things, release the bad, and then move on. If you do not, you will never alow youself to live, only exist."

((Aerynn: I was NOT flirting! He's a dragon, for cryin' out loud!

Shut up, Aerynn, you're being a hypocrite by saying that.



Aerynn stifled a breath. "How can you learn from a past where you're hated just for who and what you are, and where your kind is killed daily for little or no reason at all? How can you find good things in a people who find my kind as *dirty-blooded*?" She spoke the phrase as though it were a curse. "The only good things I ever had were my family, my clan, and the one I loved. And they've all been taken from me." She broke down again, then began hyperventilating.

A shadow crossed Garal's face as Aerynn spoke her last: "The only good things I ever had were my family, my clan, and the one I loved. And they've all been taken from me."

"My, my clan, my family," Garal said a touch of anger making his vice rise just a bit, "they all were killed by dragon slayers, egg breakers, murders... You and I, we are not so diffrent as you would think. People would hunt and kill me for my hide, or my blood, or for sport, or simply because they fear dragons."

Then Aerynn broke down again and began hyperventilating.

"Shhh," Garal tryed to sooth her... feeling rather awakward, he had no experiance with comferting huminoids, well other than Undavar, but with their bond, that was rather diffrent. Tenatvly he reached out a hand to her, placed it gently on her shoulder. "Hush now relax, you need to calm down. Take a few deep breaths."

((Garal's hand will be cold to the touch... like nticeably cold, like when someone's been out in the cold with no gloves on and then they touch you.))

Aerynn sniffled and took a few deep breaths, shuddering all the while, ignoring the chill coming frm Garal's hand. She felt like the sad, scared child she used to be back when her mother and father were lynched. Her eyes were still wet from tears, and her lower lip was trembling.

"I left my home continent in hopes I could forget the past. But it still haunts me to this day. It's been haunting me more than usual lately, and I don't know why. The little girl that was killed right in front of my eyes when all I could do was clan that was killed by a sadistic baron's underlings when all we were doing was giving money to the love, killed while protecting me...all died, just because we had the blood of elves mixed with the blood of humans, just because we were DIFFERENT." She sighed, still shuddering.

Garal was at a loss, he had no idea how to offer her comfert. Frankly the half elf had to be atleast twice his age... how did he wind up in this position? *He* was the child here, not her...

"Shh," he said softly, patting her gently on the shoulder. "The crimes commited against you were terrable, unforgivabul," he said softly, "but you must move past them if you want to do more than go threw life just existing."

((Hay you, go post in quest #1!))

((I just did...twice, heehee XD XP))

Aerynn sighed. Her tears had stopped, but she was still shuddering, though not as much. "I guess you're right," she said. She then looked at Garal with a look of curiousity in her eyes. "You wouldn't happen to know a good healer or someone with healing magic, would you? Because I'd like to get back on my feet soon, and my body won't let me. You've seen what I've been through not too long ago."
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Name: Velne Navathe
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PostSubject: Re: Aerynn's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:31 pm

"I do not know of any who are close enough to be of help to you," Garal said softly, "I could go find one for you... but I doubt there will be anyone willing to come see you in a tavern in the middle of the night. I did not see any temples in town when I flew overhead earlier."

"Ah, darn it," Aerynn said, frowning and resting her head on her hand, looking at the ceiling in thought. 'If only he were here right now,' she thought. "Well, thanks anyway. You can leave if you want. Oh, and if you just happen to come across one, let me know, okay?"

((No, she is NOT

((Garal wouldn't notice, even if she was, LOL.))

"Ahh... ok," Garal said and then left her room quietly.

((Continued in Undavar's room, then the vampires, and then the tavern Wink. Can you keep up with Garal? LOL))

((continued from The Tavern))

Rayzor's *sight* had diminished, so he relied on his magic sense to guide him to the right door. Soon enough, he felt Aerynn's magic signature, coming from one of the doors.

He gave a knock on the door.

Aerynn had calmed down, and was about to go to sleep again when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in. It's open," she said.

((Hey, the door actually unlocked, or did Garal lock it again?))

((Garal left the key in the door but it is unlocked.))

Hearing Aerynn's voice, Rayzor felt around for the door handle. Finding it, he opened the door and entered the room.

"Hi, Aerynn," he said, smiling. "It's been a while."

Aerynn's eyes went wide. It was Rayzor! She had not seen him for three years.

"Rayzor! How are you? It has been a while," she said in enthusiasm, a bright smile once again lighting her face.

Rayzor chuckled. "I've been faring well. How about yourself?"

"Not so much," Aerynn replied. "You have good timing. Can you come over here and heal me?"

Rayzor sighed and went over. He feared the worst. "Alright, Aerynn, what have you gotten yourself into this time?" he asked.

"It's a long story," Aerynn replied. "I'm injured all over the place, particularly my back. I almost bled to death."

Rayzor's face remained stiff, still registering all this. "Hold still while I heal you."

Aerynn nodded and removed the covers of her bed off of herself, exposing her wounded body. "Alright," she said.

Rayzor sent out another pulse of magic to *see* exactly what he was dealing with. He *saw* the outline of Aerynn, along with the outlines of the many cuts and gashes she had obtained. There must have been at least a couple dozen of them, four of which were noticeably large. Rayzor sighed. "It's a miracle that you're even alive," he said, while forming a ring of magic in his right arm. He hovered it over Aerynn, its healing aura closing up the wounds. It started from her head and worked its way down her body. "How did you wind up like this?"

Aerynn sighed. "Well, the cuts and scratches, those came from a shadow ability I casted."

"You wounded yourself with a shadow ability?" Rayzor asked incredulously. Then, a thought rammed into his head. "Don't tell me you used THAT ability."

"I did," Aerynn replied sheepishly.

"Unbelievable," Rayzor said. "You could have killed yourself using that. Who did you use that ability on?" He finished healing Aerynn's front side. "Please flip over."

"I used it on some sadistic dragon hunter who talked so casually about slavery, and put some sort of control spell on another one of the patrons," Aerynn replied, turning herself over so she was laying on her stomach. "He had it coming."

((Believe it or not, this is just part 1 of my super-long post. Part 2 will be up in the very near future.))

Rayzor's *sight* was still in effect, so he *saw* the even more numerous wounds on Aerynn's back. He also sensed the very faint trace of a foreign magic present in these wounds. 'How could one live through that?' he wondered. He noticed it was partially *healed* already. He hovered the ring over her back. "And did you do this to yourself? Your back?"

"Oh, that was the dragon hunter's fault," Aerynn replied.

"I see," Rayzor said as he finished healing her back. He then went about healing the other wounds on her backside. He then allowed the healing ring to dissapate. His *sight* also ended. "There. Try moving around."

Aerynn no longer felt sore. She rose from the bed and began moving about. "Nope, no pain at all," she said. "Thanks."

"You are quite welcome," Rayzor replied. "Now, I'm quite sure that your clothes and hair are soaked with blood."

Aerynn's eyes flew wide; she had forgotten about that. She knew what was coming and groaned. "Oh no, not this again."

"I'm afraid so...the bloodcleaners," Rayzor said, pulling out from his cloak a small vial containing a violet liquid in it. He uncorked the vial, then, using his magic sense, splashed the liquid all over Aerynn. The liquid soon solidified into dozens of tiny purple wormlike creatures that swarmed around the bloody spots of Aerynn's clothes, boots, hair, and bare skin. Aerynn, however, didn't scream, unlike the first time Rayzor had done this on her. She just moaned and shuddered as the wormlike things cleaned all of the blood off of her. After a few tense moments, the wormlike things dissolved, leaving Aerynn, clothes and all, clean and dry from blood.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Rayzor said, giving a wry smile.

"Don't remind me, please," Aerynn replied, looking herself over.

"I thought so," Rayzor chuckled.

"Oi! What's so funny?" Aerynn snarled.

"Nothing," Rayzor blurted as he made for the door...only to run into a wall...hard. "Ow," he murmured as he fell on his rear end. "Indo-Taure, why must I be cursed with bad luck?"

"You okay?" Aerynn asked, going over to him and helping him up.

"Yes, I am," Rayzor replied, rubbing his head. "Thank you kindly."

"No problem," Aerynn said, smiling. "Now, let's head back down, shall we?"

"That sounds great," Rayzor replied. The two of them left the room.

((continued in the Tavern))
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PostSubject: Re: Aerynn's Room   

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Aerynn's Room
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