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 Anya's Room

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PostSubject: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:02 am

Nov 18th 2006, 5:26pm to

marjorievonnordeck, Lightpaladin, Girlbrainiac, kirbycrosby06, Himura-Dumbledore and Qlmmb2086

Continued from X

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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:11 am

((In Anya's room at the moment are: Metis, Hunter, and Rodger. Add: Anya, Angle, and Rem.))

carring Rodger's body upstairs to Anya's room Hunter unlocked it and and Hunter and Metis layed rodger on the bed. "Should we lay him down flat or proped up on a pillow?" Hunter asked.

"Flat on his back would be best," Metis answered as he lay Rodger's swords down at the foot of the bed (on the floor).

"Rodger proboply needs some water you want me to get you anything while i'm down there i'll pay for it" Hunter asked Metis

"If you would, please bring up a pitcher of water and some glasses," Metis answered, "There is no need for you to pay for anything. You have done nothing but help."

Metis pulled a coin purse out of his pocket as he sat on the bed beside Rodger, he droped several coins into Hunter's hand and closed his own around it, "Get yourself some supper and whatever else you wish."

"thank you are you sure you don't want any thing " politly replied Hunter " I think i'll wait for Rem Angle and Anya before getting anything in case they want any thing"

((LOL, I just had a thought... Othere than the fact that there is a bed... What does Anya's room look like? Is there a table and chairs? A fire place? A window? Sorry... it just hit me that I didn't decide what the room looked like when I started this thread. Very Happy ))

"Yes, I'm sure, thank you," Metis said softly before turning his attention to Rodger.

Metis brushed the hair out of Rodgers face and pulled the blanket over him.

Angel approached the door with Rem behind him, then he knocked on the door.

((Sorry, couldn't think of anything better than that, lol))

(( um guys we didn't close the door so just come in )

((on the thought of the room layout i would think that there would be a table and chairs and maybe a fireplace))

((Let's say it has no windows, a bed, three chairs, a trunk at the end of the bed, and a table. No fireplace because it's a cheap room.))

Anya stepped through the door as the knight was handing over the coins. Roger had been laid on his back as she had instructed.

She walked up to see how he was doing.

'A bit pale,' she thought, 'but better than he seemed to be in the alley.' She was glad to see that Metis was checking on him as well.

"The other two should be here in a moment," she said as Angel made his appearance. "May I have my key back?"

((LOL, never mind this.)) [Edited]

((That'll work.))
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:24 am

((LMAO, time delays... Let's just go with Girlbrainiac's room discription. :0) ))

"here"Hunter said handing the key to Anya" can i get you anything i'm going down stairs to get some water for Rodger" he asked

"I left my soup at the bar, as well as my walking stick, if you would be so kind," she replied, pocketing the key.

She took a seat on one of the chairs, examining the planking of the floor and waiting for someone else to speak.

"How long do you think he'll be out?" Metis asked looking toward Anya.

((I guess there's not much else to do until Q comes back to respond, huh?))

Metis hurd Angle knock on the open door, "Come in," he said quietly nodding toward the table and chairs, "why don't you take a seat Angle, Rem." ((I know Metis can't see Rem yet, but I think it's ok for him to assume that Rem is following close behind Angle, yes? lol.))

"The shield knocked the the wind from him, but it did not cause enough damage to keep him out for long. He should come round in a few minutes," she replied. She folded her hands neatly on her lap and continued to look at the floor.

((Ok, I'm going to go haunt the "question" thread again then, lol))

Angel stepped into the room, with Rem following close behind.

'So, he's going to be all right,' he thought as he heard of Roger's current condition form Anya. He then proceeded to take a seat in one of the wooden chairs, and then waited patiently for someone to ask him a question. Knowing what happened tonight, the questions would most likely come from Rem.

((lightpaladen, Q is sick right now, so he said just to assume that Rem takes a seat and listins to your explinations... His questions are I believe "who sent you?" and "why did you attack me?" Remeber that Rem thinks you're a merc that was sent to kill him.))

((Ho boy. Must be the bug going around...well, I hope you get well soon, Q! For now, I shall continue.))

After Rem had seated himself, he gazed at Angel and said, "Okay, now that everyone is listening in, I'll now listen to your explanations. Who sent you? Why did you attack me?"

Angel could tell that Rem's patience was already on the fringe of snapping...or, if it already had, it had quite a ways to go before it fully recovers, and is now in a very fragile state. Either way, it wasn't pretty. So, Angel thought it best not to toy with him with petty remarks and tell him straight out.

"Have you not heard me before?" Angel retorted. "I'm a thief, not a mercenary or an assassin, and I work for nobody but myself. Even if I were told by someone to have you killed, I would have refused, because I do not kill for other's personal gain, and I only kill if I feel it is absolutely necessary. As for why I attacked you, well, the reason is simple enough: a woman named Lana Crane was just trying to get home, and you decide to put a blade on her neck when she stumbles in the middle of a conversation that you and this fellow here," he nodded in the direction of Metis, "were having. Naturally, I didn't plan on letting her die for something she didn't mean to do, so I held a blade to your neck, thus allowing her to escape. And when the fight began, I was only acting in self-defense. And the rest is history." He then paused and waited patiently for someone to respond.

Metis sighed, finally relaxing a little, "This hole thing was a comedy of errors," he said softly, "Lana was never in any real danger or I wouldn't have still been sitting on the ground when she triped over her feet."

He paused a moment then looked Angle squair in the eyes, but not at all in a challenging way. He continued on in a smooth even tone as he brought a little more light to the situation, "Before you came out I had given Rem my word not to look on his face. For what reason he requested this of me I am still uncertin, however for saving my skin I thought it a small thing to comply. So, when you came from behind and drew a weapon on Rem, I'm sure you noticed that I did not but stand up and look at your feet. Then when Rem released me from that promise, I believed it to be a call to help him, and not until then did I act. Even then however I only knocked your weapon away from him and took a guarding position. Rem obviously still saw you as a threat though."

((Ok, now... unless Anya has some comment to make on what Angle and Metis just said I think we do have to wait for Q, before we contine. Or I guess, Angle can respond to Metis if he sees fit. Smile But I don't want to start Metis' explination about his Page until Q is back to kind of guide what Metis says into the quest... because I'm not exactly sure of what all the details are concerning the obduction of Lestreena.))

coming back to Anya's room he laid down the tray of water and bread on the table leaned the walking stick in a corner and gave the fresh soup to Anya" your soup was cold so i got you a new one" with that he pulled one of the chairs against the wall near the door , after he closed it and sat down

"Lana Crane..." Anya muttered softly to herself, "where have I heard that name before?"

"And who is this woman that caused this silly fight?" she asked Angel or anyone else who would answer. "What did you find so threatening about her?" she asked Rem particularly.

'I know I have heard that name before! I think that one of my old associates spoke of her... What did he say?' she wondered.
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:30 am

Angel, with his finely attuned ears, picked up what Anya was muttering to herself.

"You might know her," he said to her. "Around the 5 foot tall area, missing her right eye, pretty mundane-looking, she also said she was an...Investigator, was it? I bought her a drink earlier this evening. And she took the fact about me being a thief quite well. As I said before, her name was Lana Crane." 'And despite her rather ordinary appearance, she's a pretty one...wait, what am I thinking? Pull yourself together, Angel,' he thought the last part to himself.

‘Now why would a sister on a pilgramage know someone in Lana’s line of work?’ Metis pondered to hiself in silence.

Metis stood and poored himself a glass of water before retaking his seat on the bed next to Rodger. He was now more suspishous of this Anya woman than ever, there was deffinatly more to her than she was letting on. He sipped his water slowly as he pondered this. He no longer believed her to be a simple woman of the cloth. Metis was sure she was concealing something. Even the way she carried herself, always eyes and head bowed to the floor; it was as if she where hiding, but what she would be hiding from: a person or her past perhaps... he had no idea yet.

Hunter stared around the room tring to figure this out like Anya he had not seen what had caused the fight or why they were in the ally way in the first place so he asked" why were all of you out there in the first place"

((quick question, but we're assuming Rem gathered all his gear right? So he's still got all his equipment, his shield and a (now somewhat muddy) bow on his back?))

"And who is this woman that caused this silly fight?" she asked Angel or anyone else who would answer. "What did you find so threatening about her?" she asked Rem particularly.

"Look Ma'am... Sister... whatever. I've got people like this," he gestured towards Angel, "tracking and trying to kill me. I show up here, and Lana takes an uncommon interest in my affairs, to the point of following me into an alleyway and spying on me. And as soon as she is caught, a weapon falls across my throat. Threatening, she is not. But the sort her kind draws attention to me from could very well cost me my life. I wished only to scare her enough to let well alone, and in doing so my suspicions were rewarded."

Roughly, Rem spun the back of a chair to the wall and sat, arms crossed and eyes pointed sulkily away from the others in the room

'Missing her right eye...? Now I remember. Yarvid told me about her once...' she thought.


"Where have you been, Yarvid? Rasghetti's been looking for you," Anya told the older man, the boss's lieutenant. She smirked at him. "And why the blood? Are you trying to put me out of business? Assassination is MY line of work. I can't have you cutting in."

"Oh, it's nothing of the sort. The boss wanted me to report on those shipments of silk, but that woman was following me."

"What woman?"

"Oh, only that Lana Crane. The INVESTIGATOR. Ha. Let's just say she'll think twice before spying on me again, what with only one eye to do the spying!" he laughed.

(end flashback)

"I have heard of her," Anya said to the rest of them, "on my way through here before. People say she is quite skilled at getting information. I can see why you might be suspicious of her."

She took a sip of soup, trying to think of what to say next.

"How did the young man get involved in this?"

Rem glanced up from the floor momentarily. "He stepped in front of me while I was trying to save Metis from the elf. Not the brightest of ideas, but it almost cost me dearly."

"Oh, and how is that?" Anya asked him, leaned over her soup as she was. She took on a soft conversational tone. All of this was starting to make sense, in an odd, comically logical way.

Rem pointed at Angel again. "Misunderstandings or not, this one was clearly playing for keeps. Rodger nearly cost Metis his head. It would seem Metis's head is not having a good night.

"And sometime before I arrived, you hit the young man with your shield and switched opponents," she concluded.

"What was this I heard about the dragon?" she asked Metis.

"what dragon" Hunter asked franticly
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:37 am

"The Dragon was just being a general pain," Metis said diverting his eyes to the floor.

“He’s gone now,” he added quickly to ease Hunter’s sudden fear.

“I've been out of sorts in a sore way sense I lost my Page and rather depressed. I came into this place in a foul mood and proceeded to get myself very drunk very fast,” he continued. “I was having a little conversation with two gentleman at the bar about my Page and my general remorse over the taking of lives... All the while the dragon kept pushing my buttons. Challenging my morals and insulting my “weakness” as he called it.

“I finally had enough of it - we were both quite drunk, and then I got into a yelling match with him. That’s when Some other patron tried to talk some sense into me and the dragon. Realizing my obvious error I went to find another seat and get myself as far away from the dragon as I could. That’s when Rem so kindly escorted me to the door and kicked some sense into me.”

(( i just thought of somthing is the door closed or open

"Your page?" she asked softly. She ducked her head into the shadow of her hood even further. She knew what it was to lose someone...

"How did it happen?" Her voice was barely audible.

he pulled one of the chairs against the wall near the door , after he closed it and sat down

((Hunter Closed the door when he came back with the water and stuff.))

((i was wonderin because i thought of a way for Metis to meet paige i could smell cota and open the door and you would see her as she was walking down the hall way))

((We should wait for it, Kirbs. The meeting of Paige should be accidental, not contrived. None of the characters would welcome her into their private discussion. There are still things that need to be resolved.))

Metis took in a deep cleansing breath and was silent for several moments as he let out the breath slowly... trying to release his emotions with it.

He closed his eyes breefly and then looked upon everyone in the room breefly before turning his eye back down to the floor. His right hand drifted up to the chaine around his neck and he unconshously fingered the charm that hung there. ((For any of you who don't know the charm is in the shape of a small silver shield with a gold lightning bolt and sword crossing over it in an X ... anyone who would know of the "Order of Light" or the god Mithesious would know this marked him as a member of that order.))

"Lestreena..." Metis began in broken voice. He took anouther deep breath and calmed his emotions enough to make his voice even again, "She and I had freed some people that were kidnaped by slave traiders that slipped past our borders, but their numbers were more than expected and they were much more orginized than I had guessed so we had to let them go to keep the victims safe. After we got the people safely on their way home Lestreena and I followed the bandets into the Dim-wood. We followed them for many days and then one night they ambushed us."

Metis paused... his emotions falling over him like the rain of tears left uncryed. He raised his left hand slightly shaky and brought his glass of water to his lips.

After taking a few sips of his water Metis continued, "We faught them, for they had no intent of leaving us alive. But they were too many. I saw Lesttreena fall... a sword threw her breast."

Metis felt broken inside, she had been so full of Light, so promising, so passionate and pure. "In the end it made no diffrence how hard I faught, I was sorly outmatched... They made off with her body and our horses."

Metis grew silent and withdrawn as he focused on keeping his breathing stedy and his tears in check.

((Now, I purposly didn't discribe the slave traders, because I believe Q has a specific idea about who they are for the quest... and as I have not writen this part of the story yet, I was going to let him have Rem lead Metis into that with questions/comments or whatever.))

Anya stared at her soup bowl, her eyes distant. An ambush, a bloody dagger, a set-up... And those eyes, those eyes that had been so warm, so full of life... dead. Killed by a dagger through the throat...

A tear ran down her cheek, which she didn't notice. She couldn't speak. She didn't move.

((If Metis looked up at you could he see the tear runnign down your cheek?))

((Her hood is up which covers her face a good deal and she's not exactly facing in his direction at the moment. However you can figure that something is up with her because she's just sitting there, staring.))

((Ok, so basiclly... she's got the "dejected body language" going on?))

Metis looked up slowly... He noted the generally dejected apearance of Anya as she sat still, stairing into her soup.

He stood quietly and walked over to her slowly. Metis placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, a friendly offer of compassion. "Are you alright, sister?" he asked is something less than a whisper.

"Metis isn't certain she was killed," Rem broke into the conversation, "and I, for one, would not expect professional slavers to cart off a useless victim. If they are many indeed, two horses would do little to speed their progress. I believe we still stand a chance at tracking them."

He turned towards Metis and took a deep breath. "I don't wish for you to dwell on the mater more than you have... but I must know. You said the slavers were large, inhuman, and you followed their tracks for some time. I need to know what those tracks look like, if it means looking at them with my own eyes. Is there anything strange about them you can recall? Unusual boot prints, bare feet... cloven hooves?"

Anya said nothing, hoping that Rem's question would divert the knight's attention.
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:44 am

"can you descibe what they look like in the face do the have tusks or anything like that" Hunter asked Metis

"Unusual yes... no boots," Metis answered looking toward Rem. He thought for a moment. 'Blast all that ale,' he cursed himself silently.

'Hooves?' Metis thought to himself... "Bare feet," he continued, his memories still fuzzy, "hooves, perhaps... I can not rightly remember. All that ale has dimed my memories."

((Q, do you want to let me in on what I'm discribing here... If you guys start asking for too many specifics I don't want to answer against your plot.Wink I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure, lol.))

((Easiest solution I can come up with is to get out there and have Rem see the tracks for himself. In lieu of that I'm going to just drop more obvious hints Razz))

Rem rose to his feet to begin pacing. The room, he found, was far too small and crowded for pacing. Instead he simply shifted where he now stood, right foot to left foot and back again, sidestepping left and right and clicking his heels together in between. "Tusks, no," he answered Hunter's question for Metis. "Horns, I would imagine. They would be able to travel farther than most in a single day, but one could hope their slaves would slow them down. If Vren could... no, I dare not bring her into the city.

"Metis, I don't think I can track these creatures, but I believe I know someone who can. If we are to catch up, we will need to hurry." He paused to regard Rodger, and swore under his breath. "I feel it a dishonor to leave the boy without an explanation... Ma'am, would you be so burdened to stay here until he has recovered?"

"I shall if I must," she answered mechanically. "It is my duty to serve those in need, and the young man, though he will soon recover, is in need of care."

She did not glance up at any of them. The knight's hand was still on her shoulder. She shrugged it off and walked over to sit on the bed next to Roger.

Rem's nervous movements made Metis feel suddenly very uncomfortable, he was not the kind of man to show agitation.

Metis straitened himself as he looked toward Rem, “I can leave now, whatever you require of me I will do.”

"Require you?" He paused to look towards Metis. "I've no more authority over you than our Sister here. I can only offer what you yourself require. We should leave at once, but we'll need provisions and supplies."

Rem sat down once more, tracing the lines in the hilt of the dagger at his side.

((LOL, sorry... was Metis a little too ready to get moving? hehehe))

Metis took the seat that Anya had vacated. "I've nothing by a hand full of coins," Metis said trying to relax. He was feeling so strung out between the ale and the fight, and the general foulness of his mood recently, but now his adrinaline was begining to leave him and he could think a little sainer, "and what I carry on my person."

((Don't want to start the quest too soon. Got to wait for Rodger to wake up so he can come, and give the others inloved a chance to join the quest. I'm not posting anything else in here for Rem tonight.))

((Ok, I guess I will be paient and wait for Rodger to wake up.))

((You'd think Angel would be able to "fix" him pretty fast, or failing that I'll bet Anya has some smelling salts or something Razz

Thing is, the Tavern will technically be on the same night forever. Ironically when the door says it's retiring after tonight, it'll never actually get the chance. I think the actual starting of the quest will be when we write that everyone has gone to bed for the night, and the next morning the actual quest will begin. I'm giving this thread some more time before that though. The people in the quest will be on a weird sort of time-warp compared to the tavern though lol.))

((Yes, I would think Angle or Anya could do something to fix Rodger.

Let's do the time-warp! LMAO! I thin it'll be ok... Oh, but then when we come back does that mean it will be te same night as when we left? Is this like relativity? Sorry... I had to ask.))
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:48 am

Anya turned to the young man laying in the bed that was supposed to have been hers for the night.

She checked his temperature, normal. His breathing was slightly ragged, but that was to be expected.

She pulled his shirt up again to see his wound. The bruise was deep purple, with a sharp edge on the upper part of it where the edge of the shield had hit.

'While he is sleeping he is missing everything. It might be kinder to wake him,' she thought.

"Would one of you kindly fetch a basin in which I can wash my hands?" Anya asked, standing up. She took the pitcher of water from the table, not looking at any of the others as she did so.

With it, she walked back to Roger and doused him with it.

((LOL... Is there a basin in the room or does someone have to leave to get it? Metis will be more than happy to get one if he knew were to go. All right... well I'm off to bed now, I guess someone else will get to the basin before I wake up. Wink See ya'll later.))

((Well if there was a basin in the room, she wouldn't have asked. The barkeep might have a large bowl that would work. You also might want to get another pitcher of water while you're at it. Very Happy ))

((LMAO.... sorry. Could you tell I was a little tired.))

"I'll get you a basin," Metis answered standing and walking out of the room.

As Angel was taking in everything that was said, he noticed Anya carrying a pitcher of water over to the still-unconscious Roger. He stood up to see what she was doing. When she doused him with water, Angel took that as an attempt to wake him up.

'Crude,' Angel thought, 'yet effective.' He then went over to Roger's side to see if he would awaken.

((Yeah whoever goes on the quest will leave the morning after the one the tavern is on, spend a few weeks in the wilderness, and get back on the same night they left. Sort of a twilight-zone paradox going on in the tavern))

((I love that idea Q... it's diffrent! Very Happy))

Hunter got up and went over two the table and fishing through his pouches until found what he was looking for "here" he said tossing a bag of coins on to the table " 500 hundred gold piecies and 20 platinum, its yours if you will allow me to join you i could be of help"

((HOLLY CRAP! Where'd you get that kind of money!???))

(( he has worked for five years strait and he has little use for money because he rarely enters the city))
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:53 am

((Doing what? That's a hefty sum for a common laborer. Anya has suddenly become suspicious of you.))

Anya turned in shock, staring straight at the man. She had paid him little mind before, but now he was at the top of her suspicious list.

'I made that much in three years in my previous line of work. Where did he acquire such a hefty sum?' she wondered.

Hunter could tell he had just made everyone in the room a tad bit suspisious so he said " i have been doing little else but working since my wife died five years ago and i have had a lot of work because i mainly guide people on religious treks of some sort or another and though i don't expect them to pay they always insist upon it so i have been saving it for some one in need and this situation definatly calls for this money because i have no use for it"

((Sheesh... just how much do you think we're going to need in the way of supplys? LMAO... Oh, and why did this guy let Metis pay for the bread and stuff if he had that kind of loot in his pocket? - Not that Metis would have accepted letting Hunter pay for anything, but still?))

(( it could buy horses cartes to haul whatever we needed plus we might need the money to pay someone to get info.))

((I realize that, but I was just saying... that's a lot of money for someone to be throwing around and not even knowing what it would be paying for.))

(( he had planned on giving it to a church but this cause seemed to need it more and he never uses money exept roughly once a year to go into town to get info on the world other wise he drinks out of streams and kills fresh game ( he doesn't really like to use his human form since being banished)))

((kirbs... I think we should take this conversation into the "question" thread so we don't fill this up with a bunch of OC stuff.))

Angel's eyes flew wide as he heard the amount of money that this Hunter fellow had, but he soon eased himself.

'Take it easy, Angel,' he thought to himself, 'You've stolen a lot more than that in a day, and you know that the amount must exceed 1000 gold pieces in order for you to steal it. Now 500 gold and 20 platinum...that equals roughly 700 gold pieces, so I can't steal it from him. But still...ah, forget it.' Putting aside the thought, he turned his attention back to the still unconscious Roger.

((Is Himura-Dumbledore even comming back, or should we write himout of the quest as being in the tavern recovering?))

((LMAO. Looks like Roger's in for a rude awakening, literally))

The wall wasn’t easy to climb, but he was known for his outstanding agility. The obstacle was scaled in a series of well practiced movements, hopefully no one had noticed his absence.

"You're late"

Roger jumped. The voice was deep and inhuman, but it wasn't this that frightened him. It was his familiarity with the owner that made him want to vanish on the spot.

"Explain yourself" said Barran, his brownish face stoic, unreadable. Roger looked up at him, his lack of fear showing his acquaintance with the troll. He had grown up with "The Shrewd" and knew them as family, he didn't see the "menacing" faces other humans saw. In fact, the only other humans he knew were his blood relations.

He spun up a tale. "Leolyd had something to show me". There was no way he was going to tell his guardian he had snuck out of the city to see Terrifax. His family would have his hide if they knew he had been paying the hermit visits for the past three months.

“Considering the fact the shrowd in question was actually helping your father search the city for you, your tale lacks credibility”. “You were supposed to be training”.

Catswile, he should have met with the young troll before leaving, but he didn’t really want anyone to know where he crept off to every fortnight. Nothing short of a miracle could get him out of this one.

He was yanked back to consciousness as a wave of cold water washed over him

((Sorry I'm late... real life's being hectic, and there is the 8 hour difference. Anyways I'm here, and I AM a guy marjorie))
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:57 am

((Roger is finally awake , but his eyes are closed cos he's still adjusting to his surroundings. He'll be eavesdropping in the mean time Smile ))

((Sorry Himura-D I can't tell with the screen names, I never know who is who you know? Anyway... Now you're awake, but Metis has left the room, lol.))

Metis returned to the room entering quietly. He looked toward Rodger and Anya. "Here you are," he said handing over the basin and pitcher of water to Anya.

Obviously Anya had doused Rodger with water though he continued to liy still, eyes closed.

The atsmopher in the room seemed uncomfortable and Metis noticed a bag now rested on the table. He looked at the others as if to ask, 'Well what's happened now?' but said nothing, unsure what had happened in the few minutes sense he'd been gone. The tension in the room was almost palpable.

Metis took a seat in the empty chair at the table and sat in uncomfortable silence.

Hunter looked over his shoulder as Metis came in. he could tell theat Metis was wondering what was going on so he told him "i offered all the money that i have , all 500 gold and 20 platinums, to you annd anyone else who is going on this quest as long as you will take me along"

Metis raised a questioning eyebrow in Hunter's direction. Hunter had put more money down on the table than had passed threw Metis' hands in all of his life.

Metis found Hunter's use of the word "quest" to be an odd choice. 'Why would Hunter think of this as a quest?' Metis pondered, 'and why would he offer so much money? He must have something personal attached to this, but what and for good or ill?'

"Thank you," Metis said carflly, not wanting to offend Hunter, "That is a generous offer, but I can not take such a thing from anyone. I am swarn to posess only what I require to serve The Light."

He paused thinking a moment longer as his left hand drifted toward the chain around his neck, "I would gladly except what help you may offer though." Hunter's offer seemed honest enough, and Metis was not about to turn away someone with an obvious desire to help, but he now held reservations about Hunter. He knew little about this man... and aparently less than he had guessed, indeed.

Metis was at a loss, he knew not what else to say, and only hopped that he hadn't offended Hunter in some way. He glanced around the room quickly trying to gague the other's responces to Hunter's proposal.

Hunter said very politly " if you will not allow me to give this to you then at least allow me to buy the supplies we will need i have no use for this money and i want to put it to a good cause

"The desire to help is an honerabul thing," Metis answered softly, "and the money is yours to do with what you will. I would not stop you from helping." Metis felt holy uncomfertabule now. What was he supposed to say "no you can't buy the supplies we'll need" when clearly he hadn't enough money to afford such things himself. That would be rude indeed, but at the same time Metis had no desire to part Hunter whith his money at his(Metis') expence.

((I think we need to give the others a chance to respond now.

Oh, and I have a question regarding money/coin value. Based on comments here maid, would I be correct in assuming [at least for this questing group] that the coin values we are useing are standard D&D break down?))

Rem stood once more. "Keep your money, lad. I'll settle what supplies we need with Martes." With nothing but a quick glance towards Rodger, he left the room.

((OOOOK then. I do believe it's time to get this show on the road Very Happy))

((LOL, well ok then. - in light of Q's change my post is changing, lol.))

Metis was pulled out of his pnderings by Rem's comment and sudden departure, but he stayed in his seat, trusting Rem knew what he was doing.

((Oh while I'm at it, one special note: Nobody has heard Rem use his abbreviated name yet, I just call him that for the sake of brevity and familiarity. The only name you should have would be from when he introduced himself to Rodger as Reman Grinar.

And I now have a new topic to make. Give me a minute, ok?))

((Aahhh, ok... Has Metis heard anyone call him by his name? LOL, I can't remember if Metis actually ever did or even if I've had Metis call him by name whrn "speaking," lol. I will in the future call him Reman though. Sorry if I've made any slip ups. Very Happy I will give you a min. hehehe, sorry. =P ))
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:59 am

((Bwa ha ha ha, I'm going to be a detail nazi and make you edit all the posts you call him "Rem" in if you did!

Ok, kidding about that.))


Having been infromed by Reman ((Razz see... look, I remembered, lol)) that Martes would supply them with whatever supplys they needed and that they would be leaving the next morning Metis stood, glancing about the room. "Good night," he said to no one in particular, "May the light of day bring us all more luck than this night." Then he left to see what supplys Martes had.

((Hey, I never said you couldn't call him Rem in the narration, just not out loud. Razz You don't get his nickname until you meet Vrenis.))

((I know, I was just being silly Very Happy ))

Anya washed her hands before going downstairs to the supply cellar.

On her return to the room, Anya shook Roger, trying to get his attention. "Young man," she whispered, "I know you are awake. You do want to know what is happening, do you not?"
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PostSubject: Re: Anya's Room   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:07 am

He was cold... and wet, he tried to recall all that had happened. Barran had caught him sneaking back into the city but what next?

The logical part of his mind reminded him that the troll city had been destroyed. His closed eyes welled up with tears and he struggled to push the thought out of his mind; there were more pressing matters at hand

"Where am I? What is this place?"

He was lying on something soft (a bed?) and could hear voices, he couldn't understand what was being said but two voices frightened him. He stiffened in fear as their owners' faces appeared in his mind. The battle in the alleyway...Reman and the knight!

Where were they, and why wasn't he dead yet?

And suddenly the voices were gone. After waiting several moments Roger decided to take a peek at his surroundings. Judging by the stained ceiling he was probably in one of the tavern's guest rooms. He didn't dare move for fear another person was in the room ((Angel, Hunter?)). While he was pondering how he had come to be in this place he heard footsteps approaching. Closing his eyes and rearranging his features into what he hoped was a neutral expression he remained motionless as the footsteps entered the room and stopped, unnervingly, at his side.

A hand grasped his shoulder kindly, but shook him in a firm manner. "Young man" came a voice, a woman's voice. "I know you are awake. You do want to know what is happening, do you not?"

He opened his eyes and looked into her face, which remained unsurprised by his movement. She HAD known.

Evidently he wasn't a very convincing actor.

Angel saw Roger's open eyes and sighed in relief.

"Well, look who decided to wake up," Angel said with a smirk on his face. "How are you feeling, Roger?"

Roger stared at the halfling.

"You're alive..."

((Roger thought Angel had died/was dying in the alleyway. He never actually saw the guy heal himself cos he was too busy trying to bludgeon Reman into a bloody pulp))

Angel raised an eyebrow.

"Of course I'm alive," he said. "Why wouldn't I be?" He then stared at the bruise on Roger's torso. "That's a nasty bruise you've got there. Here, let me heal that." He then held his hand over the bruise. An orb of warm light formed in his hand after a few moments, and he waved it slowly left and right around the bruise. A minute later, he lifted his hand and the light faded away. As for the bruise, a bright spot of red where it used to be was all that remained. "There"

((LOL, Angle took long enough to do that. Razz))

Roger pushed himself up and placed a hand on the bruised spot.

"Nothing" he said and Angel grinned.

The mystery had been solved, partially. The thief had probably healed himself after beeing caught by Reman's arrow, something Roger had never thought a light mannis capable of doing. That didn't explain why himself and the halfling had survived the fight though, Roger didn't think Angel could overcome Reman and the knight all by himself.

He then remembered the knight had turned around to face someone shortly before he passed out. Perhaps Angel had help in the form of a new arrival?

"What happened in the alley?" he asked, looking from Angel to the woman who had "woken" him.

Anya examined the newly healed wound. Other than a red mark it seemed to have healed alright.

"You could have done that earlier, could you not?" Anya asked the half-elf a bit peevishly, not looking at him. "It would have saved my salves. I have a feeling we might need them on our journey."

"I am sure you would like an explanation, young man, but I will leave that to our surprising friend here," she muttered to Roger softly. With that, she walked silently back to the table with her tomato soup on it and continued to eat.

Lana knocked on the door that Martes had directed her to, still clutching her wounded shoulder.

'Hopefully she'll know what she's doing.'

Anya stood up to see who was knocking at her door.

The first thing she noticed on opening the door was the blood where the woman clutched her shoulder. Glancing up at the woman's face she noted the eyepatch before looking to the floor again.

"Come in," she said softly to the woman. "I will see to the shoulder wound unless..." She turned toward Angel. "If you would, sir, your friend here appears to be injured.

Lana looked behind the gray-habited woman to see who she was talking to. 'What are Angel and Roger doing here?! Did something happen? Well obviously something happened, but what?'

"Hello, Angel, Roger. I WAS heading home, but... Heh. So what brings you here?" she addressed the two of them, eyebrow raised in surprise.

"Thank you, Sister" she said to Anya as she entered.

Anya shut the door behind her.

"well i'm off to bed see you all in the morning"Hunter said as he got up and left the room

Angel turned to the door to see that it was Lana.

"Lana!" he exclaimed. "What are you--." He paused to see that Lana was clutching her shoulder, which seemed to be bleeding very badly. "Oh my gosh. What happened to you? Here, allow me." he went to Lana's side quickly and said, "Move your hand. I'm going to heal you. But as I do, will you be kind enough to tell me how you got this wound?" His eyes showed a flash of concern.

(( this rate we'll NEVER catch up with Rem and the others, they've already started. Lightpaladin, I suggest you rush things by having Angel tell Roger things will be explained in the morning. We could always get away with saying our xters woke up late)).

"Well," said Lana, removing her hand from her shoulder, "I was about three blocks away when some novice tried to knife me in the dark. Since this was closer than home I decided to come back here. The barman told me that there was a sister of some religious order that might be able to tend to it. I never expected to find YOU here.

"What happened in the alley with Reman and that knight? I'm sure he wasn't very happy that you helped me escape." She glanced him over. A new tear at the shoulder with blood on it, dust and dirt... He had obviously been in a scuffle. She hoped that she hadn't been the cause of it, but knew that she probably was.

Roger also showed signs of having been in a fight, as well as a recent drenching. She guessed that it came from the empty water pitcher on the table. The fact that he was partially under the blanket, that there was a wet spot under him, and the fact that this was the sister's room led her to the conclusion that he had somehow been knocked out and brought up here for attention and woken up by the pitcher of water

"Thank you for tending to Roger," she said to the woman. "The wound obviously wasn't that serious, but he's a good kid. It would have been bad if something had happened to him because of it."

"I see," Angel said as an orb of light formed in his hand. He held it just above the wound for about ten seconds, then lifted it up and allowed it to dissolve. A bright red scar was all that remained of the wound.

"There," he said. "Even my healing abilities have limits. The wound will never open, but it'll never be completely gone. You'll always have a scar." He then glanced at Roger, then at Lana again. "Everything will be explained in the morning. Now, I'm just very tired. Why don't you two get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning." He then went over to the door and left.

"You might want to pack for a long journey," Anya told the remaining two. "Some of us are going with the knight in the morning to help him look for his lost page. Your various skills might be helpful to have on the trip.

"The bar keep downstairs has supplies if you do not. Do not worry about the expense. The good soldier has kindly taken care of it."

She glanced at the others, waiting for them to move. They did not.

"Before you go, would you kindly help me flip my mattress? It is most uncomfortable sleeping on a wet spot. The young man-Roger, did you say the name was?- will probably have to move."

Lana shot a quick glance at the sister, realizing that 'the good soldier' was probably Rem. 'A long journey, huh? And at that Reman's expense? Count me in. It will get me away from the city once and for all, and I want to get back at him for that incident in the alley,' she thought.

"Thank you kindly for your help, good sister. I'll see you in the morning."

With that she left the room, headed downstairs.

((Revenge huh?))

Roger helped the sister, grabbing the mattress by the corners they flipped it over. He then meekly took up a rather uncomfortable position against the wall farthest from the bed. He wasn't self-seeking, but he couldn't help thinking someone who followed a religious calling would satisfy one's self at another's expense, this siter seemed different.

Casting this thought aside he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to come. Perhaps he would find out why Reman spared his Angel's lives in the morning.

((Anya wouldn't object to a man, well boy, sleeping in the same room would she? I'm too lazy to post an entry in THE TAVERN,))

Anya realized that the young man was going to sleep in her room.

'Well,' she thought, 'he seems alright. I am not going to say anything as long as he does not cause any trouble.'

She lay on the mattress and fell asleep.
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Anya's Room
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